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Single / stackable washer pan
Single Pan
30.5" W x 34.5" D
$65.00 + S&H
Combo washer and dryer pan
Combo Pan
62.5" W x 32.5" D
$108.00 + S&H
Mini-stackable washer pan
Mini-Stackable Pan
24" W x 26" D
$59.00 + S&H
Approved by major U.S. builders & contractors, recommended by plumbers & contractors worldwide

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Protected by U.S. Patent # 8,393,351 B2

Proud to keep
America working

Also available in Single Washer Pan sizes and custom sizes too!

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Combo washer and dryer pan

Fits ALL brands of washers & dryers with pedestal drawers or without, including LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, Maytag, Frigidaire, Electrolux, GE and more.

After extensive research, we chose a special blend of unbreakable polyethylene plastics (similar to those used in making industrial cement drums) that is thick, UV-ray protected and will never break when stepped on. The pan is tough and UNBREAKABLE with a true lifelong durability. These pans never have to be replaced.

We stand by our washer pans as being the best pans made. That’s why the patented DRIPTITE Combo, Single and Stackable Pans carry a 10 Year NoBreak NoCrack Warranty.

Product brochure and installation instructions - Detailed pan info

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The Combo, Single and Stackable pans, designed for all front-loading or side-by-side washers and dryers, meet all building code and inspection requirements in the US.

The New
Single or
Washer Pan

We use the same materials on our Single and Stackable Washer Dryer Pans™ which are also UNBREAKABLE and just as tough. Our lifelong washer pans are designed to fit all side-by-side single or stackable front-loading washer and dryers with pedestal drawers or without.
10 Year NoBreak NoCrack Warranty.
These pans never have to be replaced.

Also available in Mini-Stackable
Washer & Dryer sizes!
(Bosch™, Whirlpool™, etc.)

order single / stackable washer pans

Product brochure and installation instructions

Detailed pan info

Single / stackable washer pan

Protected by U.S. Patent # 8,393,351 B2

Ideal for high-rise condos and apartments, apartment buildings, homes and anyplace that uses stackable washer & dryers and single washing machines.

Cabinet protector pans

Slide N' Fit sink and vanity base protectors
Protect under the kitchen or bathroom sink

Installs in minutes!
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Kitchen model only $46.95
Bath model only $44.95

DRIPTITE Kitchen Slide N' Fit cabinet protector pan

$14.95 SHIPPING!
Limited time special - anywhere in the U.S.!

Helps protect cabinets from all plumbing leaks: waste pipes, water filtration systems, H&C supply hoses, angle stops, dishwaser water supply and drain hoses, garbage disposals and more...

The Slide n' Fit Sink & Vanity Base Protector™ is manufactured out of styrene making it both flexible and extremely durable while also mold resistant. It has been specially designed to fit most all standard and custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets including island sink cabinetry.
Protected by issued and pending patents. *Limited 1 Year Warranty.

Product brochure and installation instructions - Detailed pan info
View installation and other videos on YouTube

"Just received the four sink (and vanity) protectors I ordered and found them incredibly easy to install – since I don’t plan to remove them I used some white silicone caulk around the edges to make them truly watertight (in all my sinks there are valves just a little too close to the edge for comfort – but this was my choice to be extra thorough) – in any case, IMHO, your design is great and the material really does look like it will last for literally decades."  Malcolm, FL

DRIPTITE Tru-Tough warranty

Driptite washer pan warranty

DRIPTITE Combo and Single Washer Pans carry an unmatched 10-Year NoBreak NoCrack Warranty.

We are 100% confident that the special blend of materials we use to make our washer pans will not break or crack or crush under even the toughest conditions.

We wanted to produce the absolute best pans possible so that you would never have to replace them. Just put em' in and forget em'.

We are proud to say that of the many washer pans we have sold all across the U.S. - we have never had to replace one yet.

You can trust the DRIPTITE name. Just look for the ToughGuy logo. Made in U.S.A.

Unbreakable tough washer pans

DRIPTITE is proud to introduce their NEW product line of Tru-Tough Washer Pans and Sink & Vanity Base Protectors for the housing development industry (older and newly constructed homes), apartments, condominiums, housing remodels and the everyday consumer.

The patented Combination Washer and Dryer Pans, Single Washing Machine Pans, (also known as washer overflow pans, drip pans or leak pans), the patented Sink & Vanity Base Protectors (also known as under sink cabinet protectors or just cabinet protectors), and Water Heater Pans have been designed and manufactured to fill a need for consumers everywhere. Water damage and mold damage to residential dwellings from dripping, leaking pipes, plumbing or washer machines can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars in repairs to sub-flooring, tile, wood floors, drywall, carpet, and more.

DRIPTITE™ pans were invented to help solve the problems of household water and mold damage and save consumers from the associated headaches and costly repairs. Our goal is to do whatever we can to make DRIPTITE pans easily available to all consumers nationwide. Enough damage has been done and far too much money has been spent after the fact. DRIPTITE washer pans and under the sink pans are the solution.

The information on this website and the use of the DRIPTITE Sink & Vanity Base Protectors or the unbreakable DRIPTITE™ Washer & Dryer Pans will help plumbing contractors, cabinet manufacturers, property management companies and homeowners themselves combat the ongoing serious problem of water damage and unhealthful growth of toxic household molds.

DRIPTITE was established in July of 2002. Frank Carter, a plumbing contractor/sub-contractor with over eighteen years of experience in the residential and commercial housing development industry designed and market tested the first prototype of the DRIPTITE Sink and Vanity Base Protector. Shortly after, US patents were filed and Mr. Carter continued on with his research and development. To date, DRIPTITE now has five patented products being sold in the market place: The Combination Washer & Dryer Pan, The Single Washing Machine Pan, The Slide n' Fit Sink & Vanity Base Protector, The Sink & Vanity Base Protector OEM version, The Disposable Sink & Vanity Base Protector, and the Plumbers (Sink & Vanity Base Protector) Rubber Roll-Up Mat.

We look forward to answering any questions you might have regarding our washer and dryer pans or any of the DRIPTITE products we manufacture.

All Driptite Pans are Protected by Issued and Pending Patents

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